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How to choose the best colour for your logo [Part 3]

What to Consider | Who are my competitors? Know your competition. Know what their branding look and feel like. Experts advise new brands to specifically target logo colors that differentiate them from their more established competitors. Do not be a “me-too”. Strive to stand out and assert your brand. Studies have found that our brains […]

How to choose the best colour for your logo [Part 2]

What to Consider | Who is my target audience? Decide who your target audience is. Be as specific as you can. Define their country, religion, gender, age group, etc. Once your market is more tangible in your mind, you can start making intelligent guesses as to how your company can effectively and realistically reach them. […]

How to choose the best colour for your logo [Part 1]

Why Color Matters You company logo is your main brand identifier. It will appear in all your product and marketing materials. It will be your foremost visible advertisement to the world. With this in mind, your logo needs to be distinctive and carry your core brand message. The color/s of your logo is the main […]