How to choose the best colour for your logo [Part 3]

What to Consider | Who are my competitors?

Know your competition. Know what their branding look and feel like. Experts advise new brands to specifically target logo colors that differentiate them from their more established competitors. Do not be a “me-too”. Strive to stand out and assert your brand.

Studies have found that our brains prefer recognizable brands. The sooner you can assert your differentiated brand from your competitors, the better you can entrench yourself into your target market’s consciousness.

What to Consider | How will my logo be used?

Don’t forget to also think about the logistical implications of the color you’ll choose for your logo. Listed below are some things you might want to consider:

  • Level of visibility
    How can you make it as readable as possible in every angle, even from far away? How can you use color to increase legibility?
  • Production in various media
    How will your logo be used in various web and print media? What is the cost impact of mass-producing your products and marketing materials given your chosen color scheme (i.e. monochrome printing is less expensive than colored printing)?
  • Brand palette
    What other colors will harmoniously work with your chosen logo color so you can create a brand color palette/scheme? How will it support your logo in conveying your brand personality and a unified message?