How to choose the best colour for your logo [Part 2]

What to Consider | Who is my target audience?

Decide who your target audience is. Be as specific as you can. Define their country, religion, gender, age group, etc. Once your market is more tangible in your mind, you can start making intelligent guesses as to how your company can effectively and realistically reach them. This, in turn, influences how you structure your brand personality.

Know your target audience’s milieu. Remember that colour can have different associations and historical contexts in each country. Religions also assign spiritual meanings to various colours. It’s also been found that there are subtle differences in colour that men cannot perceive as well as women.

A 2011 study concluded that predicting your consumer’s reaction to the appropriateness of a color in relation to a product is more important than choosing the colour itself. So know what’s appropriate for your audience and build your logo from there.

What to Consider | What is my brand personality?

Colour influences consumers as to their perceived personality of a brand. You colour of choice must support the personality you want to portray. Another way of putting it is your colour must “fit” what you are selling.

You brand personality shouldn’t need a 2-3 paragraph explanation. It should be visceral—in the millisecond it takes for a consumer to glance at it, your logo should have conveyed your brand personality. Ultimately, it is about creating a feeling, mood, or image. Colour can be a powerful tool in doing just that.

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