The Ultimate List of Free Stock Photos & Free Images

The Ultimate List of Free Stock Photos & Free Images

I was surprised that more than half of my clients do not know that there is such thing as Free Stock Photos! For most of us, we do not have access to such strong imagery as they require a good photographer and may costs lots of money.

We have searched and sourced hundreds of sites offering free freemium stock photography for your marketing usage. Problem is, there’s way too many sites and going through each and everyone of them will take a lot of your precious marketing time.

And here you have it!

We have compiled an article that pulls together the best of the Free Stock Photos and Free Images so you don’t have to, freeing up your time to do the important things like being creative.

The Ultimate List of Free Stock Photos & Free Images

1. Freepik

This is probably the BEST graphic resources you can ever have. The premium membership allows you to download and use their images without crediting its author (which is really neat!)

2. Unsplash

Unsplash has a lot of stock photos that can be used however you wish. Yes, however you wish. This is because of their licensing, which is set to allow you to copy, re-distribute, and edit however you wish. You can receive updates by subscribing to their list.

3. Pexels

Pexels gives away 35 new stock photos each week that have been curated from several high quality resources.

4. Negative Space

Negative Space offers a decent amount of free stock photos. You can get 20 new ones each week.

5. Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave just asks that you never claim the stock photos as your own, and then you can use them to your heart’s delight.

6. Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo gives out free stock photos every month.

7. Pixabay

Pixabay has hundreds of thousands of free images.

8. Picjumbo

Picjumbo allows you to use their free images for both commercial and personal use.

9. Kaboompics

Kaboompics has lots of high quality free stock images with a variety spanning from fashion to landscapes.

10. Polar Fox

11. Lock & Stock

12. Skitterphoto


14. Barn Images

15. Picography

16. ISO Republic

17. Startup Stock Photos

18. Getrefe

19. Life of Pix

20. Photos Public Domain

21. SplitShire

22. Foodiesfeed

23. Gratisography

24. Magdeleine

25. New Old Stock

26. Jeshoots

27. Wikimedia Commons

28. Stokpic

29. Designers Pics

30 Cupcake

31. Snapographic

32. MorgueFile

33. Travel Coffee Book

34. Tinyography

35. Littlevisuals

36. Snapwire Snaps

37. Big Foto

38. Freerange Stock

39. Public Domain-Archive

40. Imagebase

41. Goodfreephotos

42. 123RF Freebie Section

43. Unprofound

44. LibreShot

45. StockMedia

46. Shutteroo

47. OldDesignShop

48. Free Pixel Patterns at

49. Pdclipart

50. Squidfingers Patterns

51. Clker

52. Freepik

53. VectorScout

54. New York Public Library – Public Domain Collection

The New York Public library released hundreds of thousands of photos under public domain, so its free to use and free to share. Please ensure of the licensing as their collection is vast, and while their public domain collection is nearly 200,000 items, you may run into other copyrighted material. So, pay attention as you go through them.

55. Rawpixel

They have very unique and creative photos which you can use freely for personal and commercial use. Love it!

56. ThePhotoBay

Note: If you have a free stock photo resource that is not listed, please leave a comment below, and I’ll take a look at it. If your free stock photos don’t require attribution, and allow people to use them for free and personal use, then I will add them to this list.

57. Burst