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Graphic Design Infographics – Basic Design Tips In 5 Minutes!

At one point in our life, we’ve thought about becoming a graphic designer but have a hard time drawing a simple stick man without breaking a few pencils. So we try to explore Adobe Photoshop or even the web based Canva to live a graphic designer’s dream. The result: Not so legible headline and body […]

5 Actionable Tips To Increase Website Engagement

5 Actionable Tips To Increase Website Engagement A lot of successful websites depend on returning visitors to account for a major part of their traffic. Returning visitors are easier to convert into paying customers because the more often they return to a site, the more trust they have in that site. The credibility issue just […]

6 common landing page mistakes to avoid

Landing page is a special page on a site created for a specific purpose, either to offer a product, service, free download, and others. Landing page, if done correctly, can bring maximum results. Here’s a quick glance of 6 common landing page mistakes to avoid when creating a landing page. 1. Not having a clear […]

Why your website needs to be mobile responsive design?

Earlier this year Google announced an update to their search engine algorithm that will reward mobile-friendly sites with a higher search ranking. This algorithm update is closing in now with the update scheduled for April 21st. This move by Google to reward mobile responsive design sites compel companies to start developing their websites to be […]

10 Killer Logo Design Checklist For Businesses

After dozens of logo design briefs for clients, we can finally present to you our very own logo design checklist. Your logo is the signature of your brand, and one of your business’ most valuable asset. It is the single element that will symbolise your brand more than anything else. A well-designed logo is one that […]

How to choose the best colour for your logo [Part 3]

What to Consider | Who are my competitors? Know your competition. Know what their branding look and feel like. Experts advise new brands to specifically target logo colors that differentiate them from their more established competitors. Do not be a “me-too”. Strive to stand out and assert your brand. Studies have found that our brains […]

How to choose the best colour for your logo [Part 2]

What to Consider | Who is my target audience? Decide who your target audience is. Be as specific as you can. Define their country, religion, gender, age group, etc. Once your market is more tangible in your mind, you can start making intelligent guesses as to how your company can effectively and realistically reach them. […]

How to choose the best colour for your logo [Part 1]

Why Color Matters You company logo is your main brand identifier. It will appear in all your product and marketing materials. It will be your foremost visible advertisement to the world. With this in mind, your logo needs to be distinctive and carry your core brand message. The color/s of your logo is the main […]